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We all know what the New 52 was, right? That controversial DC story event which rebooted the entire DC comics continuity. One of which was the casting of Batgirl. Promos which showed Barabra Gordon fully walking again despite being paralysed erased a pivotal part of the Batman mythos.

The other big old niggle everyone had with The New 52 was the dark and gritty tone many of the series had adopted. It’s been almost 2 years since then and DC seem to be delivering on the main goals of the New 52. (boosting sales was one of them)

The end of the dark and gritty feel of the past decade.

Cameron Stewart and  Brenden Flecther are doing just that when they take over the Batgirl title in October.

Since the start the of the New 52, Batgirl has had it a bit rough. Horrible family revelations and dark goings on and what not. So this Autumn were going to see Batgirl donning a costume which is more akin to her look-a-like in Adam West’s Batman TV show.

To accompany that a new lighter tone has been adopted at Batgirl steps out here as she heads to university.

What do you think of Batgirl’s new look? Let me know in the comments below!



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I HATE the new look and new art n new ideas. Y on earth ruin Batgirl? If u wanted new writer fair enough but look Batwoman got new writers n new artist but at least it still continued the same theme n darkness n seriousness. Not what has happened to Batgirl gone from amazing adult orientated storyline n art to pathetic childish art n storyline. Come on if u want to change the artist n writer fair enough but not like this at least make it look like the same comic. This feels like a entire new series, shouldn’t b… Read more »