Darkwood has been sitting at the top of my ‘most wanted’ list for a while now. A survival horror, in the old sense, with a top down view, riddles and puzzles to discover and a hell of a lot of atmosphere for something that looks so simple to the naked eye. In order to take in just how much dread rips from this game, press play on the video above.

Acid Wizard Studios, the Polish development team, have been slaving away to create the high tension of torch based exploration, the choice of fight or flight in the face of danger and the age-old, thinking man’s puzzles that make you really work for your prize. It sounds a little like Silent Hill, especially in the audio department, using music and nerve-stretching sound engineering to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Darkwood also borrows from other genres. The game uses procedural-generation to build the world around you as you investigate the forest and it’s surroundings. There are RPG elements and most obviously, adventure stylings linking it back to past survival horrors.

It’s quite a shame to refer to Darkwood to all these past games though, as the differences are quite apparent when you watch it in motion. Acid Wizard seem to have breathed a bit of life back into horror gaming by creating what will hopefully be a small masterpiece.

You can tread carefully into Darkwood when it goes onto Steam Early Access on the 24th of July for PC, Mac and Linux costing $14.99.


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