So the Destiny Beta is over and now we’re all sulking because we’ve got nothing to play until September. Even though we were given a handful of missions in the Beta, we have no real idea how many missions, quests, and activities will be present in the final release. That is until now thanks to the minds behind DestinyDB who have rifled through the Beta data and have discovered that (at present) Destiny will have a total of 148 missions and activities – of course, this number could, and will likely change when the game releases.

For those wondering how much you’ll actually have to do in Destiny, aside from the Crucible PvP mode, players will be able to take part in 32 story missions and 23 strikes – which are the larger co-operative raids. There’s also a handful of other activities present too which’ll set the total up to 148. For more details, the DestinyDB owner contacted VG24/7 to clarify the information a little further.

“There are 23 known story missions, 8 unknown and 1 mission are the credits. For the strike there are 5 nightfall missions, 6 normal missions, 4 vanguard missions and the rest are duplicate. I have a feeling that the nightfall missions are the regular missions during the night although I can’t confirm this at all,” he wrote.

It’s likely this number will increase upon final release as Bungie open up The Moon, Mars, and Venus – not including the planned expansions that Bungie have also announced. As for free roaming missions, In a Twitch session with 2old2play, Bungie community manager David Dague revealed that there’ll be one free roam “Explore” mission per planet and considering we’ve already had access to Earth’s Explore mission, it looks unlikely that we’ll be making it outside of the Cosmodrome, but if you played the Beta this weekend, you’ll know that there was more than enough things to do.

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