The game that everyone is talking about, DayZ. You’re either lucky enough to play it or you sit on YouTube and watch others do the playing. I think we can all agree though, no matter how you experience DayZ, it’s a great game. And it’s about to get better!

The next big update for the game will see technical elements changed, visual effects improved and even some new features. Dean Hall spoke to Gamespot recently and he divulged some information on what players can expect. “Implementing DirectX 10 or 11 will have a dramatic, instant visual difference and quite a significant performance difference. The big benefit we get is being able to implement dynamic lighting so we can have dynamic shadows. If you’ve got a good computer, you’ll be able to play with more lights. If there’s a lot of people using torches in the distance, you’ll be able to see their lights.”

Hall has also spoken about barricades and changes to vehicles. Vehicles will now be a little harder to start because players will have to find parts so that they can get moving and to safety. In a video, Dean Hall explained just what players will have to do, although admitting that he doesn’t know a lot about cars. “have to attach a whole bunch of items to the vehicle to make it work. So you need to go find an alternator, and you need to go find you know find this for the engine” he continued on the subject to say “some of those parts we might restrict globally across all servers in the whole world so that you actually need to go out on to severs with your clan or whatever and hunt out to find this special parts”

The announcement of spreading items across servers is so probably to add even more realism and so that when you find a ‘rare’ item or part you’re going to want to keep hold of it. It has also been explained using night vision goggles “We’ll say there can only be, for example, a hundred night vision goggles in the whole world across all servers. Then once your character dies, or the item gets destroyed, it makes a new one available to spawn on a server”. The addition of limiting certain things will certainly give the person who has it the upper hand, but as is life. Someone will always have something you want, just in DayZ you can kill that person and take it off them.

Let us know what you think of the changes coming to DayZ? Are you looking forward to them, is there any that you don’t think are necessary? LEave all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Stupid fucking idea promoting server hopping


Grammar.. learn it. Have someone proof read your garbage before you post it.