It’s almost as inevitable as DC making another Batman flick, action star and ex-wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been lined up to play a DC character in a Warner Bros movie. He’s just not saying who.

In an interview with Total Film, The Rock has flat-out said that he and DC have been talking for years about him playing a character from the comic book universe and in a stuttering, hush-hush way has dropped a hint at who it might be.

From John Stewart (the black Green Lantern), Lobo (intergalactic biker) and more recently, Shazam (the character who used to be called Captain Marvel), The Rock has been rumoured to appear as a few of Detective Comic’s stars, none of them founded on fact so far.

Describing the character he’ll be playing to be as strong as Superman and using the phrase ‘Just say the word’ heavily, implies that the character in question is Shazam. If so, Johnson would play the mythologically powered character who becomes the mighty Shazam, just by yelling the word.

Although the Hercules star could be talking about Superman baddie Darkseid, Lobo, Mr Majestic or even Martian Manhunter, all of which have the power to beat down Superman…  It’s less likely from his comments in the video.

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