Edit Annnnd.. it’s gone. It looks like FOX got to it quicker than we thought.

Some off screen, shaky cam footage of “test footage” for something to do with Deadpool has leaked. No one is entirely sure what it is for, but the running commentary appears to be it’s test footage of a supposed Deadpool movie.

The clip was first Uploaded onto YouTube and then Vimeo thanks to the YouTube video being taken down with a copyright notice by the gracious people at FOX and over on Kotaku, quotes taken from a statement by by Rob Liefeld (co-creator of Deadpool) has also been linked in:

“They’ve got a great director on the movie, they’ve got a great script. I may or may have not seen some sort of test of footage that would blow your mind if you saw it and go holy crap and that’s Deadpool in costume. Katana swords, guns, shooting people’s faces off and making me laugh. And I may or may not have seen something that looks just like that. And you’ve got what would amount to the first R Rated X-Men movie. Because that script is R Rated.”

They also linked the fact that Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool, is also the co-founder of Blur Studios and the footage definitely looks like something they’d make. That and everything in the footage looks like something constructed from CGI, in the same vein as Spider-Man.

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there is no video what the fuck sort your shit joel