Dead Island 2

Deep Silver, they do thinks right. Instead of just throwing together a bunch of crap and calling it a “Collector’s Edition,” they give you the chance to have some input as to what will feature in their Collector’s Editions. They did it with Dead Island: Riptide, they also did it with Saint’s Row IV, now they’re doing it with Dead Island 2, giving you the chance to choose whether you’d prefer a Dead Island Beach Towel over a Zombie Hand Back Scratcher, or whether you’d like a real Zombie.

The polls are open now and offer a variety of different items for you to choose from, three of which I mentioned above. Yes, they’re really giving you the chance to have a real zombie in your Collector’s Edition (subject to country availability though.)

Fans are able to complete the quick survey by accessing the survey link via this Google Form. Voting will end on Monday, 14th July at midnight, so hurry up and don’t be left out – you could seriously walk away from your local game store like Michonne, from The Walking Dead, with a zombie in tow. Or a plushy cat.. depending on the majority vote.

P.S. Vote for the real zombie.

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