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Bungie have announced via Twitter that the maintenance on the Destiny Beta has finished early and is now open to everyone.


The Destiny Beta is open to anyone that has pre ordered the game, or if you have a friend with an extra code. The beta includes the first four story missions, set around Russia, the first 8 levels and the first subclass for each of the three classes. While players can only level up to level 8 the skill tree can still be worked on to unlock high level abilities. 

The Beta started for Playstation players on Thursday the 18th but now Xbox players can also get involved. The Iron Banner event has also been introduced allowing players to take place in PvP where player levels actually matter. 

Bungie have said players should log in at 2 pm PTD or 10pm in the UK on Saturday the 26th in order to unlock stuff that will carry on in to the main game. It is still unclear whether player progress will carry on over in to the final game. A new trailer was released recently showing of the Vanguard Armoury pre order bonus. The Vanguard Armoury will give players access to some guns and armour that will give them a bit of a head start. 

We recently discussed the different edition of Destiny that are available in our new feature ‘What Edition’. Unluckily for those of you that want to pre order the Ghost Edition, almost everyone has already sold out. 

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