Much like the Destiny Alpha, when players load up the Destiny Beta today, they’ll start from the beginning of the journey despite already having played through some of the Alpha last month. All Guardians will start at level zero beginning the story once again. As for transferring progress from the Beta to the full release later this year, details are still unknown, but Bungie do have things still to announce.

I’m not sure if there’s anything more frustrating that putting hours into a game only to lose your progress, that’s why everyone has been asking Bungie whether the progress achieved in the Beta, that begins for PlayStation players today, will transfer over to the full release on September 9. Unfortunately, the answer is still unknown.

Thankfully during a stream of the upcoming beta with IGN, Bungie’s Deej was on hand to answer questions and revealed that though no information about a beta progress transfer is available right now, an official announcement is incoming at a later date.

Fingers crossed, eh?

The Destiny Beta begins today for PlayStation players and on July 23 for Xbox players and each Beta code unlocks three keys for you to share amongst your friends.

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