Bungie have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Beta for Destiny on both the PlayStation consoles and Xbox systems. “Be one of the first to see for yourself,” they said, unless of course you are a PlayStation 4 player who had a chance to try out the games alpha. 

The Destiny Beta is starting on July 17 for PlayStation owners and will last until July 28 and Xbox owners will get the beta a week later on July 23 until July 28. The beta will be available to anybody that has pre-ordered the game.

Today, Bungie also revealed two Special Editions of the game, the first being the $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition and the second is a $99.99 Destiny Limited Edition each edition will include a steel book, star charts, and an expansion pass, which includes two expansions set to come after the games launch, this is also available on its own for those who aren’t too into Special Editions for $34.99. The Ghost Edition also comes with a replica of a Ghost, the robotic companion of every Guardian, with motion-activated lights and Peter Dinklage’s voice, along with a few other extras.

This is the first we have heard about DLC content for the game but it looks like the packs are going to be quite big if Bungie are charging that much for them both.

Destiny will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 9th of September. See you on the battlefields fellow guardians.

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Destiny Special Edition

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