We start off with some bad news regarding Destiny today,  according the the unofficial Destiny Blog, who are reporting from an IGN Live segment. the Xbox One version of the beta for Destiny will not run in 1080p.

But now for the good news. David Dague, the community manager for Bungie, has confirmed that the Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny, will run at 1080p when the game launches on September 9, this year. It’s worth bearing in mind that the reason the Beta is not 1080p is because Bungie only decided to aim for 1080p after Microsoft released a new Xbox One SDK which freed up some processing power that was initially set aside for use by the Kinect.

The PlayStation beta kicks off on the 17th (that’s today) whilst Xbox users still need to wait another week for it, July 23.  

Destiny is planned for release on September 9 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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