Hopefully those of you that are enjoying the Destiny Beta or will be in a couple of days have the edition of the game you want pre ordered. In a recent tweet from the official GAME twitter account, they revealed that the Xbox One versions have completely sold out.

We recently did a piece on the different versions of Destiny that are available. The Destiny Ghost Edition’s biggest selling point is the model of one of the games Ghosts that includes motion sensors, lights and voice work from the game.

The arrival of the Traveller, a giant flying sphere, starts a golden age for humanity. Spreading out across our solar system we built the greatest civilisation that the universe had ever seen, we just didn’t know what waited for us. They hit us fast and hard, the only thing that stood in their way was the Traveller, sacrificing itself to save us. The last great city was built beneath the Traveller but the darkness approaches.

Destiny will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 9th of September, The beta is available to everyone who pre orders the game or will be once the Xbox version goes live in a couple of days. The Destiny Ghost Edition can still be pre ordered from GAME on the PS4 although it sounds like it is popular.

See you on the Battlefields.

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