We all know that Destiny will offer some PvP modes along side the games main co-operative MMO, but Bungie have been keeping quiet on exactly what the PvP modes will consist of. According to a recent screenshot released by IGN and posted to reddit, we may have more of an idea of how we’ll be taking on our friends on September 9 when the game launches.

The image is about as vague as the information given to us by Bungie, but what we now do know is that the PvP multiplayer will consist of more than just a standard Team Deathmatch-like mode. The modes shown in the image are Skirmish, Control, Lockdown, Team and Rumble. The control mode acts similar to Domination where you’ll be tasked to take control of three points on the map. Team, is likely just a straight forward Team Deathmatch, and Rumble is likely a Free-for-All mode.

Skirmish and Lockdown, however, are yet to be revealed, but If I were to guess, Skirmish could be a sort of Attack and Defend mode, or maybe Search and Destroy, whereas Lockdown could be a King of the Hill or Headquarters-like game mode.

There’s also rumours of a Salvage mode which is essentially Capture the Flag, but this hasn’t been confirmed, yet.

Hopefully Bungie will release more information on the games PvP modes soon.

Destiny is set to launch on September 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A beta for PlayStation systems is launching on July 17, and a beta for Xbox consoles will launch on July 23.

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