Michael Finch is the man behind the script of the Deus Ex film, it’s been announced.

Finch was the pen behind Predators and is currently filming Agent 47, a new film of the Hitman Series. For those wondering, Rupert Friend is playing the bald-headed assassin in the film – it’s due next year.

The Deus Ex film itself isn’t exactly breaking news as CBS Films picked up the rights to a film in the 2012, but this is the first real step we’ve heard that sounds like it’s actually moving forward.

Empire Online claim that there were musings of a film back in 2002, but it clearly didn’t get off the ground.

The Deus Ex Film will look at Adam Jenson and the Human Revolution period, as opposed to JC Denton and the original game’s time span.

In other Deus Ex film news, the director Scott Derrickson was originally tied to the project but is no longer taking the director’s chair. This may have something to do with him taking the director role for Doctor Strange.

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