You read that right, folks. An ambitious modder has set out on a quest to create the entirety of Diablo, remade from the ground up using Divinity: OS’s modding tools.

The modder in question, going by the username “Docalypse” on Reddit, has only put in four days work and has made decent progress in recreating the city of Tristam. He has a lot of content planned, including 26 hand-crafted levels, some new quests, secret areas, 1-4 player co-op or controller a party of 2-4 solo, and even full dialogue and lore.

From the huge number of screenshots you’ll be able to detect a few familiar landmarks dotted around Tristam, but it is a little hard to see with the darker ambient lighting and vibe that the levels are supposed to give.

A demo is planned for release when the first dungeon and city of Tristam are fully complete, but until then you can check out the full gallery of pictures here, and why not check out our review of Divinity: Original Sin while you’re at it too?


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