Glu Games is a company known for releasing quality games for mobile, for free and Dino Hunter is no exception. The game incorporates good graphics, decent controls and smooth gameplay and you don’t have to pay anything up front, though there are in-app-purchases which during my time playing the game, I never felt the need to spend a penny.

The main aim of the game is that you are a dinosaur hunter and you have to hunt and shoot different types of dinosaurs to collect gold and hunter bucks. In Dino Hunter there are two types of currency, one being Hunter Bucks which are used to upgrade your current weapon or to buy a new one, and the second is gold, which is used for a couple of things; One of them is each time you do a hunt, you lose energy and the gold can regenerate it, the second is to buy better weapons.

You get assigned a mission before every hunt, an example would be to kill four Velociraptors which you’re required to do that before the allotted time runs out. Taking experience from certain stealth games, when you’re hunting and you shoot one dinosaur, if it’s not an instant kill it alerts the others and that causes them to either run away or turn back to ry and kill you. If you can’t kill it by the time it gets to you, you’ll die.

In terms of things to do in Dino Hunter: Deadly Sores, there are three regions in the game: Deadly Shores, Jungle Mists and The Boneyard. Each region consisting of Trophy Hunts, Contract Hunts and more. The game also gives you a taste of the higher end guns with various trials of the more ‘exotic’ weapons, which cost a considerable amount of gold to purchase.

In terms of gameplay, I had very few problems in terms of lag or stuttering. For me, it only lagged twice in the time I was playing and on both occasions, it was when I had a dinosaur in my face and I had to shoot it away. However, it certainly was not enough to make me stop playing. For the most part, the game ran very smoothly. I didn’t experience any crashes either, overall the gameplay was an enjoyable experience.




I also liked the graphics which were present in Dino Hunter. If you’ve played another “Hunter” title from Glu Games, such as Deer Hunter, then you know what to expect. I was particularly impressed wit how good the guns looked.

However, no game is perfect and there are several disadvantages. One of them is that from my experience, the game is quite easy. It’s not particularly hard to shoot the dinosaurs even if they’re trying to run away. Also, the game gives you so much time for each mission to the point where you could probably do it twice before the timer runs out. Normally with games, you’d expect the difficulty to increase as you progress but that didn’t really appear to be the case here. Making the game a bit harder is as simple as reducing the timer, making the dinosaurs harder to shoot, or making them quicker to attack you.

Also, as you would expect from a free game, ads are quite common and you’re often encouraged to spend real-cash for Gold. It takes a long time to build up your Gold but it gives you the option to pay for it, ranging from £2.99 to £69.99. With the special guns all costing 480 Gold, the only real way of getting them is spending money. To be honest though, if you just stick to the normal weapons, then it’s relatively easy to not spend.

Overall, I’m impressed with the game. The graphics were great, but the main thing for me was how smoothly it ran. I would’ve liked it to have been a bit more difficult once I got to Region 3 though. However, it’s a free game so you can’t really argue.

This review was based on the iOS version of Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores.

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