Disney and Marvel have decided to tease fans with release date on future film. BUT! With no information on which films are coming, you’ll just have to wait and guess.

When are the films going to be released though Ollie, can you at least tell us that? Yes dear reader, I can tell you.

There will be two films in 2017. The first being released 28th July and the second 3rd November. There will also be two films released in 2018. 6th July and 2nd November. I think the Summer/Winter release dates might be Disney winning formula. But wait, there’s more! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema… In 2019. They’re changing the schedule with ONE 2019 film being released in May! May 3rd to be exact.

There are two speculations as to what films are going to be released and on which dates. The first theory is that they will announce the films and their release dates at this years San Diego Comic Con. The second theory is that they’ll drum up the anticipation at Comic Con but reveal the films at D23, which is basically an event everything Disney related.

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