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Divinity: Original Sin is proof that crowdfunding works. As simple as that. Following its release last week, the game has already sold over 160,000 copies making it the fastes selling title for developer Larian Studios. This follows a near-million dollar Kickstarter campaign and a quick launch onto Steam as an Early Access title. That, and the Cow Simulator mod probably helped too.

Divinity: Original Sin not only stands as a fantastic single and co-op RPG, but the game offers players powerful tools in order to create their own adventures in order to share them with the world. Featuring tactical turn based combat and a highly interactive and reactive world, players choices come into effect more than ever in Divinity: Original Sin, and that, among many other features is likely why the game has sold so well, all based on word-of-mouth, I might add. “We have exactly two ads we did with the last of our money,” Larian’s Swen Vincke said.

“The feedback we received from [Kickstarter backers] was worth its weight in gold,” Vincke said. “It’s almost a co-development between us and them, because they pointed out things we were doing wrong, and encouraged us to expand on the areas we were doing right. As a result you get a group intelligence applied to a game. It’s always much better than a single person.”

The game apparently cost around 4 million euro’s to make, and with over 160,000 copies sold, the game is close to becoming profitable for the company. Be sure to stay tuned to n3rdabl3 as our review will be coming later this week!

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