This morning it was discovered by GeekWire that Airtight Games, the developer behind the recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect for PC and consoles, has quietly closed its doors and are currently selling off the remainder of its equipment to anyone who stops by their Redmond office. This follows the recent news that the company had laid off some of its staff as part of a “necessary restructuring.”

Murdered: Soul Suspect had a great idea behind it, but if you’ve played the game you’ll realise it wasn’t executed quite as well. For those that enjoyed the game however, and were hoping for a sequel, those hopes have sadly been crushed as Airtight Games quietly closes its doors.

Less than a month after the release of Murdered: Soul Suspect Airtight Games has ended its ten year run as an independent developer who brought us games such as Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum. Company executives are yet to speak out about the closure, but GeekWire stopped by the company’s former HQ only to be presented with signs saying that the company was closing and that all office equipment was up for grabs.

“A small collection of Airtight’s past awards from the E3 video game convention sat on an empty desk, amid a sea of unused monitors and computer equipment.” wrote GeekWire’s Todd Bishop after stopping by the now defunct development studios office.

Right now, Airtight Games’ website is still online with no details surrounding the closure of the office.

This could mean that Airtight has downsized so much that the huge 15,000 square foot office is too big and have moved elsewhere selling off equipment they’ll no longer use, or this could mean that Airtight Games have in fact called it a day.

More on this as it develops..


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