Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants, the expansion pack for the brilliantly unforgiving open world wilderness survival game, Don’t Starve, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 next week. Reign of Giants has been available for the PC version of the game for a while now and doesn’t just add giants in to the mix. The DLC will add an extra character and save slot as well as adding in a new season.

Klei Entertainment have recently discussed multiplayer for the game, and while it is defiantly on its way for the PC version no decisions have been made about the PlayStation 4 version, yet. Do you want multiplayer in the game?

Klei have also released a new patch for the game that fixes a few problems as well as allowing random player selection and more options when generating worlds. Don’t Starve was recently available for free on PlayStation Plus, so for those of you that downloaded it it’s time to jump back in. Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants will be available on the 22nd in America and the following day in Europe.

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