For those of you looking forward to the Don’t Starve multiplayer update, Don’t Starve Together, you’ll be pleased to know that Klei Entertainment have released a brand new alpha gameplay trailer for you to feast your peepers onto giving us some idea as to what the developers want to bring to the game with the update.

Klei Entertainment unveiled the multiplayer update in May to much controversy from fans. Not because they don’t want the update but because Klei Entertainment previously stated that the game, to an effect, would remain multiplayer free. That, and some fans are concerned that the developers may concentrate more on the multiplayer element than continued development on the Single Player portion of the game.

But as with Klei Entertainment’s previous efforts, they want to take fans along for the ride, listening to feedback from players, and hopefully continually improving both the single and multiplayer parts of the game. With that, Klei has released the first prototype footage of Don’t Starve Together, which you can see above.

More information about Don’t Starve Together can be found on the Klei forums where the video was first announced, and of course, any and all feedback is welcomed.

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