Bioware have released a new trailer looking at combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game’s combat seems to be sticking to the same formula as the first couple of games, allowing players to switch between party members as well as pausing time to put strategies in place. 

The next in the series of Dragon Age titles will put players in charge of the Inquisition, an organisation assembled to take on forces that are attempting to tear the veil between worlds. Character creation will be back allowing players more choice than the second game’s paltry offering. Players will be able to change their race, so no more limitations that force you to play as a human.

It was announced during the Microsoft Conference that premium content for the game will becoming to Xbox before Playstation in a timed exclusive deal.

We’ll have more Dragon Age news as it breaks, for now check out the rest of our coverage of DA:I from the gaming extravaganza that is E3.

Dragon Age Inquisition has been pushed back a month to give the team time to add polish to the game and make sure the open world areas don’t feel quite so empty.

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