Just as you thought it was safe to say that EA were scrubbing up on their act, they’ve released a new way to grab every penny of your bank account in a membership based service that will allow you to play some of EA’s finest games exclusively on your Xbox One… EA Access, a plan devised alongside Microsoft.

The membership will allow you to enter ‘The Vault’, a cache of previously released games that you can play to your heart’s content while you’re under the subscription model. This will be good for those who have either missed the titles when they were released or for those who wish to stay active in their favourites, while others move onto the next yearly dropped game in the series’.

The first playable games that have been offered in a Beta test that is ongoing at the moment are:  FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4.

For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, the subscription also offers you a 10% discount on new digital releases, premium packs and online currency that are usually served up cold with EA games. Considering some of the games on offer are quite popular, that’s a bonus for fans of Battlefield and those who love piling cash into micro-transactions.

Being a member of EA Access will benefit those of you who like to preview games before release too. Certain EA games will have a five day early access trial so you can test a game’s quality before you purchase through the online store. Titles such as FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15 and everything else in their upcoming catalogue of games ending with 15 will be available along with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You will not be able to play these games for your fee through Access at the minute and a full purchase will be necessary. Expect the games to be dropped into the vault when the ’16’ series of titles are about to hit shop shelves.

With undoubted means to purchase the service coming directly through Xbox Live, you can also buy the subscription from your local, big-name gaming retailers too, including Amazon, Gamestop and Electronics Boutique in Canada.

 As with everything that looks too good to be true, the package seems safe and desirable on the outside but from past experience with EA, there’ll probably be a faint whiff of hidden turd about it.

What are your thoughts? Is this just another way to install Origin on consoles? Will it rival subs such as Playstation Plus or Xbox Live? Will EA keep their clean run without a big, gilded poo on the mantelpiece this year or will EA Access just be another step closer to nabbing that award again? Answers in the box below…




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