Dead Island Publisher, Deep Silver, have today announced the new Escape Dead Island for PS3, Xbob 360 and PC.  Surprisingly it’s not looking particularly like either of the released Dead Islands, instead the Swedish developers FatShark have opted for a Cel-Shaded art style much similar to the Dead Island 2 E3 teaser trailer.

Escape Dead Island is a  third-person “Survival-Mystery” game starring an apparently mentally ill spoilt rich-kid called Cliff Calo. The character decided to set off and document the events on the Island of Banoi but instead finds himself on a small new island called Narapela, a part of the Banoi archipelago.

It seems he will have to battle both his own mental state as well as zombies, something that players of the original Dead Island only faced if they decided not to patch the game on day 1. The game itself seems to be a hack and slasher mixed with groundhog day and acid.

It will be released in the Fall of this year digitally and in retail for £39.99 on consoles and £34.99 on PC.

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