Everything Isn’t Awesome! Greenpeace’s LEGO Campaign Video Gets Taken Down – Twice.

I wouldn’t go quite as far as saying that the video has been banned, like Greenpeace are claiming, but what I would say is that the video is certainly ruffling enough feathers for it to be taken down by YouTube due to a copyright claim from Warner Bros., which is surprising considering there are hundreds of videos which contain the characters from the LEGO Movie, as well as tons of videos of the movie’s song, Everything is Awesome.

Earlier this week Greenpeace released a video, made by BAFTA-winning creative agency Dont Panic, which contained a beautiful ice-scape made entirely out of LEGO getting spoiled by a massive oil spill which absorbed the environment and everything on it. The video was another attempt from the charity to get LEGO to end the partnership with oil giant Shell, who plan to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic.

As of yesterday, however, the video was removed due to a copy right claim from Warner Brothers, but that hasn’t stopped Greenpeace as they uploaded the video to rival site Vimeo, which has once again been removed due to a claim from Warner Brothers, and are disputing the claim with YouTube which they say will take around 10 days to (hopefully) resolve.

Ian Duff, Arctic campaigner at Greenpeace, said, “Our film was designed as a creative way of letting people know about the threat to the Arctic from Shell and the role LEGO has in the story. It seems to have struck a nerve with some important corporate bigwigs, but this crude attempt to silence dissent won’t work. We fully intend to challenge this claim, and we’re asking supporters to upload the video wherever they can.

“LEGO says it wants to leave a better world for children, yet it’s partnered with Shell, one of the biggest climate polluters on the planet, now threatening the pristine Arctic. We’re saying It’s time for LEGO to finally pull the plug on this deal. We’re calling on LEGO to stand up for Arctic protection, and for children, by ditching Shell for good.”

Whether you agree with Greenpeace’s campaign or not, you can’t disagree that it’s having some affect. Since the video was uploaded it achieved a whopping three million views before it was taken down, an odd move by Warner Brothers who seem to be turning the other cheek over the remaining 700 or so videos which contain both the characters from the LEGO Movie, and the song Everything is Awesome.


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