LEGO, it’s an endless source of creation and an expression of our’ imaginations and without a doubt, when you’re wearing shoes that is, walking into a room filled with LEGO just screams FUN! This latest video from Greenpeace however is a little depressing. In an effort to stop the partnership between LEGO and Shell, the two minute YouTube ad offers a dark twist on The LEGO Movie’s ‘Everything is Awesome’ song as a gorgeous LEGO icescape is absorbed by gloopy oil taking everyone, including The LEGO Movie’s main protagonists with it.

Greenpeace began campaigning against the partnership between LEGO and Shell, which has been ongoing for some time, last month, and along with the video, have launched a microsite explaining why the partnership between the two companies has to end. The campaign is trying to make people aware of Shell’s arctic drilling plans with images and the video, which you can see above, that sees an idyllic landscape filled with Arctic animals and other inhabitants (Master Chief too, for some reason), getting engulfed by a fictional oil spillage created by Shell’s drilling.

LEGO has since responded to the first wave of images saying it is “saddened when the LEGO brand is used as a tool in any dispute,” and adding that it’s “determined to leave a positive impact on our society and children.”

The video, along with the sombre song, is pretty depressing, and hits pretty close to home as I’m personally an advocate for Polar Bears, who are also suffering in the video. So if you’re going to watch it, grab a tissue.

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