You better get on the ball if you want to be in with a chance to join like-minded monster hunters too, as it looks as though Turtle Rock will be selecting participants as soon as July the 5th… That’s tomorrow!

Potential closed Alpha testers are required to visit the signup page and participate in a survey to assess whether you will be suitable as a candidate. Basically you have to live in the US, own a Steam account, be punctual in attendance for gaming sessions and agree to the terms and conditions of the application.

Jess Damerst tweeted earlier that you will need to use the password ‘happyhunting’ to enter the alpha and the referral code is ‘JoinTheHunt’. That should be enough to get going, so be quick and get typing before your opportunity passes.

Evolve has picked up quite a bit of acclaim at E3 this year, snagging the Best of Show E3 2014 Game Critics, Best Online Multiplayer, Best Action Game and Best Console Game Awards making at a likely contender for best multiplayer game of 2014 if the final product lives up to the praise it’s been receiving.

Let’s face it, the ability to take control of something akin to Cthulu and smashing, stomping and scaring the crap out of four friends, should be the catalyst for some highly entertaining online bouts of virtual violence.

Xboners will also have a chance at teaming up to flush huge uglies out of the undergrowth too, when the Beta starts sometime between now and release but as of the moment, I’m afraid American PC owners will be the only gamers that have access to the alpha. Bah!

So, what are you all still doing here? Run! Get to da sign-up!


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