With the first season of The Wolf Among Us wrapping up this week with the fantastic Cry Wolf, where the series should go next with a Season 2 is at the forefront of my mind. I am a big fan of the Fables series and love Snow White and Bigby Wolf but there are more characters that I would like to see get some screen time in the next season from Telltale Games.

fablesThe Tourists

Just because the first season being a brilliant murder mystery doesn’t mean the second one has to be the same. The Tourists are the secret agents of the Fable world working for Bigby Wolf. Mowgli, Feathertop and the Woodsmen travel the ‘Mundy’ world keeping a track on the Fables that live out side of Fable Town. Having the second season focus on the Tourists would change things up enough for it to not get stale.

It would be great to see Telltale tell a tale along side the comic series and explore the out side world and the effect some of the Fables have on it. I have faith that Telltale would be able to tell an amazing spy mystery spanning the ‘Mundy’ world.



Cinderella is the Black Widow of Fable Town, while most of the Fables see her as a layabout waste of space, Cinderella takes on some of the most dangerous missions during the war with The Adversary. A season focusing on Cindy would have to have a secret agent feel to it, maybe returning to the homelands to gain information or stop an attempted invasion.

I would love to see Cindy and Bigby team up together, the last time that happened in the comics a traitor was revealed and killed in a Paris hotel room.

Fables the farmThe Farm

The Farm was mentioned at the end of ‘Cry Wolf’ with Mr Toad and TJ heading off there because of their appearance. Early in the comic series the animal Fables at The Farm attempted a coup because of the poor conditions. With a fair breathing crow, three ex giants who have taken on the role of the three pigs and the dashing fox Reynard the adventures that could happen at the farm would be amazing.

Fables CubsThe Cubs

As the children of Bigby wolf the six cubs Darien, Connor, Ambrose, Blossom, Therese,  and Winter have the amazing abilities of their father. The Cubs grow up in Wolf Valley near The Farm, so a season focusing on them could just tell the adventures they have or introduce their grandfather the North Wind. ‘Cry Wolf’ introduced Bigby’s true wolf form so a fight scene involving a pack of these incredible creatures might even be better than the Bloody Mary fight.

Where would you like to see The Wolf Among Us go next?

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I think the next season should be about bigby and snow on the camping trip and them meeting goldilocks. I would love to see that.