Incredible Visuals is the name of the video and Incredible Visuals is exactly what it delivers. FIFA 15 is set to be the best looking yet.

EA Sports have delivered a video that not only shows off how crazily realistic their players look but also how much effort they’re putting into this years title. The video fist shows players being rendered on the computer against their real life picture and at times it hard to tell the difference. From stands of hair flicking in the right direction they’ve been gelled in to those long locks bouncing as players tussle for the the ball, it all comes together to make a great looking FIFA 15.

It’s not all about the face and hair though, kits will move realistically as the player moves through the defence and the defender who goes in for a slide tackle will have his kit get dirtier from mud and grass. When it comes to the pitch, even that’s getting a visual makeover, again slide tackles and boots will leave marks on the pitch that will become more and more visible as the match progresses.

When you take a shot and unluckily hit the bar the goal will rattle at the sound of your missed attempt. Corner flags are now able to move if the ball, and I suspect player hits them and LED sign boards surround the pitch all to make for the best experience going.

I’m not a massive FIFA fan, but I do play it every so often. FIFA 15 looks amazing though, and a game I can’t wait to play!

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