Well maybe controversy is a bit dramatic, but you’re here now so you might as well keep reading. The athlete to join Messi on the cover of FIFA 15 in North America will be Clint Dempsey. The American star who plays for the Seattle Sounders and The US National Team will be appearing alongside the Argentine. But what shirt will he wear?

And there lies the problem. You see, The Seattle Sounders have a shirt sponsor and that shirt sponsor is none other than Xbox. So the people over at Xbox are probably thinking this is the single greatest thing to ever happen to them. Maybe not, but it looks good. Sony though, Sony I think we can all agree will probably not be having Clint Dempsey posing in his Xbox sponsored team shirt. The logical solution? Get us a picture in his US National shirt.

FIFA 15 NA Cover

So in short, if you’re a Seattle Sounders fan and appreciate game cover art, I hope you have an Xbox. If you don’t support the Sounder, then a PlayStation or Xbox cover isn’t going to bother you either way. Lastly you may not even care at all. Who knows.


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