Telltale Games has announce that Episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us will be available next week on all platforms. Episode 5 is entitled Cry Wolf and will wrap up the first season of The Wolf Among Us.

Tues, July 8th – PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation North America
Wed, July 9th – Xbox 360 worldwide, PlayStation Europe
Thurs, July 10th – iOS App Store worldwide

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fables comic series by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. It was recently announce that Fables and the spin of series Fairest will be coming to an end soon. The final arc of the series see Snow White and her sister Rose Red at odd with each other, it is an exciting time to be a fan of the series.

It was revealed that The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead would both be coming to the current-gen consoles. Our review of Episode 4 In Sheep’s Clothing can be found here. We gave Episode 4 3.8 out of 5 saying “Episode 4 is the slowest episode so far that is more about answers and getting ready for the final.”

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