Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a mouthful to say and also a fantastic MMO. If you’ve never played it, go into this pretending you’ve never played an MMO before because it changes the formula a lot, for the better.

The 2.3 patch promised by Square Enix has gone live, and introduces a huge number of features. There’s now more dungeons to explore, new and stronger bosses, more quests and side-quests, new skills and the highly anticipated ability to raise your chocobos and have your own house.

A new PVP gamemode has also been added, which pits three factions against each other in 72 player brawls. It sounds absolutely hectic. The PVP story is based on a separate continent to the other areas of Eorzea as the three factions fight to take hold of the much coveted Allagan Ruins.

Personally, I love FFXIV:ARR after having played it on PC, and soon on PS4. It’s well worth checking out, and the constant huge content additions make it a huge timesink. Say what you will about the Final Fantasy series, but Square Enix really made a cracking MMO and great follow-up to the previous MMO, Final Fantasy XI.

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