Sunset Overdrive has had me bouncing around like a hyperactive child ever since it was announced last year at E3, since then we’ve received information on the character customisation, the amp system, the weapons, and even the brilliant way Insomniac Games has reinvented the respawn, but what we’re yet to see is the games Chaos Squad, Sunset Overdrives 8-player co-operative mode, that is until now!

Chaos Squad sees you and up to seven other players enter the world of Sunset City as you work together to take down hoards of the OD’d and complete the Chaos Squad’s unique objectives. You’ll begin with two missions that once completed, unlock more for you and your band of misfits to take-on. Once completed you’ll be whisked off to Chaos Squad’s finale, Night Defence. But how chaotic and difficult your Night Defence game will be depends on how much Chaos you earn in the Chaos Mode.

The amount of Chaos you have will depend on which missions you voted for leading up to Night Defense, so if you take a mission with a lot of chaos to increase the difficulty of Night Defence you’ll receive better potential rewards,or if you decide to go down the easy route you can take a mission with a team boost to make the group more likely to succeed. The choice is entirely yours.

Night Defence switches up Chaos Squad’s mental gameplay and tasks players with protecting a vat of Overcharge. Night Defence takes on more of a wave-based tower defence style gameplay as you’ll be required to set traps in order to help you take-down the enemy wave by wave.

Once Chaos Squad’s missions have been completed and you’re hopefully basking in the glory of completing the Night Defence mode you’ll be able to take all of the rewards you’ve earned such as cash, special vanity items, and even weaponry, back with you into the single player mode.

Entering multiplayer is easy, once you’ve had enough of the single player mode all you have to do is hop into one of the many photobooths around Sunset City and you’ll be transported to the multiplayer mode! Sounds awesome, right? I know! Anyway, don’t let me ramble on, check out the video above for more information about Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad and Night Defence modes!

Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on the Xbox One on October 28.

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