The BBC have released the first fall trailer for Doctor Who, Series 8, and it looks amazing. Giant Dinosaurs roaming London, Darleks, a robot that looks a lot like a Turian from the Mass Effect series and a brand new Doctor.

The recent series of Doctor Who has been hit by a lot of leaks over the pass few weeks including leaked scripts and draft cuts of full episodes. The BBC have asked that fans don’t look at the material as they would rather you see them the way they are supposed to look.

Series 8 of Doctor Who will premier on August 23rd and see Peter Capaldi take on the role of the 14th Doctor. The 8th series will also see the return of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara and introduce Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink, a new companion. The season will also see the return of two of the Doctors greatest enemies, the Darleks and the Cybermen.

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