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US Officials have ordered overseas airports to heighten security to all flights travelling directly to the States. One measure includes a more detailed screening of mobile devices, laptops and tablets, with officials asking travellers to turn on their device to prove that it is real. Bad news for those who have no battery as you’ll be required to either charge your device, or hand it over.

One of the many new security measures that US Officials has ordered is for travellers to turn on and operate their devices to prove that they’re real, any item that does not switch on will not be allowed on board any flights to the US and will leave travellers with a bit of a dilemma: They either miss their flight because they have to charge their phones, or abandon the phone altogether – something which I can personally say would be a very difficult decision.

For those wondering if this may affect you, it is believed that London Heathrow are currently implementing these additional measures.

The US announced that security measures would be intensified last week, but failed to release any details why. Analysts suggest that these additional security measures are in response to intelligence received which suggest that Islamic militants in Syria and Yemen may have developed bombs undetectable by airport security.

If you’re heading out to the US any time soon, be sure to have enough juice on your phone or at least think if you have 10% left, is that tweet really worth losing your phone over?

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