We may not be seeing any more Futurama episodes any time soon since it came to an end in 2003, then again in 2013 when it was renewed – and cancelled – once more after three more seasons, but that hasn’t stopped Moscow-based digital artist Alexey Zakharov re-creating the show’s New New York setting in glorious CGI. The clip, which you can see above, is just a glimpse of what we could have seen if the show was live-action CGI.

Using a combination of 3Dsmax, After Effects, Nuke, and Photoshop, Zakharov has reanimated Futurama’s New New York and it’s bloody stunning. Though the clip is only short, we get to see the planet express ship, as well as what Mom could looklike if the show took on a 3D CGI look. It definitely looks like somewhere I’d live if I were still around in 1,000 years.

The above clip is Part 1 which means there’s more to come, so watch this space. Until then, here’s some images from Zakharov’s site, and as an added bonus, here’s a quick clip of the Planet Express ship.

[su_vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/100786424″]

Futurama 3D 1 Futurama 3D 2 futurama 3D 3

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