I have to admit, I’ve only recently entered the world of tablet and smartphone-based games. Nonetheless the more I’m seeing, the more interesting that market is getting. Strewn amongst the piles of games on the Android’s app store I noticed a company making high quality games one after the other – Gameloft.

So I’m pleased to inform you that they’ve dropped a launch trailer for their new game Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The trailer shows off the classic Call Of Duty style gameplay, great visuals (for a tablet/smartphone game) and sets the scene for an intense story.

Boasting new weapons, classes, abilities, a spec ops mode and 6v6 multiplayer, the price tag feels totally justified.

Set to release 24 July at the slim price of £4.99, I’d say this is one to keep your eyes peeled for.

Gameloft calls in a Modern Combat 5: Blackout Launch Trailer  - n3rdabl3

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