It looks like the next Nexus device that we’ll be seeing, currently dubbed the Nexus 6, will be made by an unlikely suspect: Motorola. According to a recent reports from both Android Police and The Information the next Nexus device will be the rumoured Motorola “Shamu” and will be the Nexus 6. As for Android Silver, the program that Google has since been working on following the release of the Nexus 5 has also been put on the back burner according to reports.

The report from The Information, who has been able to independently verify the device, states that Google has begun to work with Motorola on an undisclosed device, a partnership that couldn’t be done before due to Google owning Motorola and the company had “concerns about favoring the house-owned Android vendor over others.” Now Motorola is now owned by Lenovo, Google are free to work with Motorola on said device which is rumoured to be a larger-screen phablet packing a 5.9-inch screen and a fingerprint sensor.

“After Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola, Google’s Android unit began working with Motorola to develop a co-branded ‘Nexus’ phone that’s considered to be a ‘phablet,’ or phone-tablet, because of its large screen size, according to three people with knowledge of the matter,” wrote the publication.

As for Android Silver, a new initiative that would ensure OEM’s developing Android Silver devices stick to a strict set of rules when it comes to adding overlays and bloatware to the OS, could be out of the window completely. Android Silver was set to kill of the Nexus brand and was part way there after an unannounced LG made Nexus device was scrapped in favour of this new initiative but head of the program, Google Chief Business Office Nikesh Arora, is currently on his way out of the company meaning Google might be rethinking the new program completely.

“Some in [Arora’s] camp wanted Silver to supersede the Nexus phone program. But with Mr. Arora’s absence, there are questions about how much firepower Google will give to the Silver program,” the publication wrote.

Right now there’s no confirmation from either Google or Motorola so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Google have up their sleeves later this year.

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