It looks like Project Ara is on track to becoming a reality much sooner than we first thought as today Google have opened up applications to receive a Project Ara test kit. These test kits aren’t available to the public just yet, and Google have revealed that applicants will be chosen based on how strong their module concepts are. This shows that Google are definitely on the right track towards their 2015 release goal.

For those who don’t know, Project Ara is a modular smartphone which lets the user fully swap-out and replace components on their devices using different modues. These modules contain the gubbins usually found in our smartphones such as camera, processor, memory, and RAM. Google are hoping to get the first Project Ara module out into consumer hands as early as 2015.

As of today, Google has opened up applications for developers to request test-kits, though not any old Dick & Harry can apply, according to the request form description, “We will prioritise requests based on technical experience and the strength of your module concept.” So if you’re hoping for a test kit, you better have a bloody good idea up your sleeves. Test kits are apparently set to ship this month.

In an effort to get more developers involved, Google revealed details on a $100,000 challenge earlier this year. The Project Ara Developer Prize Challenge will see the developer winning a prize of $100,000 for the best fully working module created by 30 September.

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