Until recently I was the only Geordie who graced this website with my writing, now there are two of us. And with being a Geordie comes a bunch of my fellow writers trying to be funny and attempt the Geordie accent. To be fair, we do the same to Brian, our only American. It’s all in good fun.

At six o’clock in the morning things are either funny or they are either the single most annoying thing in the world. Luckily when I watched the above video, I found it rather amusing. Many people will of seen MTV’s Geordie Shore but there are others in and around Newcastle and they aren’t all like that. “Walking the Staffy” is just one of the many trials and tribulations of our glorious North East but when it’s set against the fictional world of Grand Theft Auto V it’s just funny.

Terribly dubbed and quite frankly ridiculous the video tells the tale, and an epic tale let it be know, of how the group wish to go to Alton Towers. Beautiful.

I hope this brightens up your day, and please don’t take it too seriously, Newcastle is a great place. Most of the time.

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