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According to The Accociated Press, Samsung’s electronics factory in Brazil has become the victim of a heist in what sounds like an elaborate mission found in Grand Theft Auto 5. The heavily armed crooks, according to the report, made off with over $6 million worth of  Samsung products after subduing workers and guards.

So here’s how the heist went down. The gang of heavily armed robbers captured eight plant workers on their way to the factory on a company bus, said civil police in Sao Paulo state. They stole the workers ID’s and took two of them as hostages as they entered the factory. Once inside the gang overpowered and subdued the factory’s security and spend around three hours in the factory.

Unsure what exactly happened during those three hours, police revealed that the gang, which consisted of around 20 crooks (imagine stripy shirts, a black beanie, and an eye mask) managed to get away with over 40,000 finished products in seven trucks. The heist is suspected to be an inside job.

Samsung have since released a statement saying that they’re “very worried about the incident,” but assured that none of the employees were hurt. “We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to prevent this happening again,” the statement said.

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