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If there is one thing I like as much as video games, it’s gambling – responsibly of course.  However this is why the latest news about GTA Online is very exciting.  Rumours have been circling about a big update that may be coming to the extremely popular online game.  If this update were to take place it would add casinos into the Grand Theft Auto universe with also a little pinch of zombies.  

The latest rumour surrounding a Casino in GTA Online comes from Chr0m3xMoDz who’s taken a poke at the games source-code which hints at Casino mini games, one of the Casino’s in GTA Online also has a “Coming Soon” Banner on it and the source code shows that there are actually portals which are hidden suggesting doors will be added to the casino at a later point. It’s also been possible to glitch your way inside and see the Casino’s interior. It does seem very likely that this may be implemented at some point.

The other main GTA rumour is zombies. Yes, zombies.  A Single player pack is apparently on the way to GTA. However, the evidence is not substantial other than a few strings out of source code labelled “ZMB”.  There are further clues to show new Trevor missions, new skydiving missions and more are coming to GTA Online.

Check out Chrom3xMoDz’s video below!

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