Square Enix has announced that their latest mobile hit, Hitman GO, will be taking off with some new content which is available right now on iOS, and will be coming to the Android version soon. The new content will be bringing an Airport Box update to the game which, as you might have guessed, is set around an airport.

The new update which can be unlocked both immediately for £0.69 or as part of the natural progression of the game, brings with it fifteen new levels set around an airport as well as a bunch of added extras.  These include new gameplay mechanics, a new “civilian mode,” moving walkways, the ability to skip turns as well as all-new enemies to deal with.

Hitman GO was a surprisingly beautiful take on the Hitman universe. I expected that the first Hitman mobile game would be perhaps a terrible port of the third person Hitman games, but instead we were met with a gorgeous looking puzzle game set in a diorama style world. The next Hitman title from Eidos Montreal is another mobile offering this time it’s a hugely competitive sniping title which is set for release on iOS and Android soon.

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