Hohokum is a game.

That’s all I can really say for certain. I’m pretty sure that’s all anyone can say. There doesn’t seem to be a plot, the game is non-linear, there are no time limits, no scores, and no tutorials. It’s an exploration game in short. You play as a serpent creature called the Long Mover and can interact with the objects you float through/under/over/in. From what I understand, each world has primary and secondary goals so there’s always something to be working towards, but the developers were keen for players to simply luxuriate in the music and visual style of the game.

Hohokum will be released on the 12th August in NA and the 13th for us folk in Europe. If you pre-order the game you’ll receive a custom PS3 theme and an exclusive DLC pack for Sound Shapes.

It looks very relaxing. A Sunday afternoon game if I ever saw one, and it reminds me a lot of 2009’s surprisingly addictive Noby Noby Boy, in which you played as a stretchy worm-like thing called BOY. There didn’t seem to be any particular goal in the game, other than to stretch as far as you could and interact with the elements in the map. This gives me an excuse to post a long video of the frankly very odd Noby Noby Boy theme song. Oooooh, so gooood…

Also, did anyone else get a little turned on by the name Honeyslug? Oh, just me then. I have issues.

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