What could be described as the ultimate first person shooter experience on mobile, Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5 aims to set that bar even higher. That’s right, Modern Combat 5 will be heading to your smartphones and tablets with better gameplay, a gripping story, and much more. When!? I hear you cry. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is expected to land on iOS and Android on July 25!

With a brand new story that throws players into the floating city of Venice, players take the role of Phoenix who is sent on a special operation to secure WMDs from a well-armed terrorist group. The game will see players thrust from Venice all the way to Tokyo as Phoenix has to battle his way through hell whilst trying to convince his allies to accept a not-so-pleasant secret.

Featuring an all-new progression system which unifies both single and multiplayer action into one action-packed gaming experience, players can expect to earn experience points in both campaign modes that’ll go to levelling up their class of choice and mastering all-new weapons. Players can choose to play as four different classes in the game, playable across both single and multiplayer; Assault, Sniper, Heavy, and Recon.

If the single player campaign wasn’t enough for you, Modern Combat 5: Blackout also includes a Spec-Ops game mode featuring more objective-driven missions such as covering your allies, clearing the room, eliminating a high value target, and more.

To compete against the more established AAA shooters, Modern Combat 5: Blackout also includes a 6v6 multiplayer mode where players can form squads with friends to take on the enemy, hell, if you’re good enough you can even call in military support using Kill Streak multiplayer packs.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is expected to land in iOS and Android for £4.99 on July 25.

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