Just a quick question… Does anyone have Batman on Facebook? I want to wish him happy birthday and find out what a Bat-like is.

That’s right, despite Bruce Wayne looking so youthful (except in The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond), Batman turns 75 years this year. Thus, this is a big Bat-celebration

It was in 1939 when Bill Finger and Bob Kane produced the first tale of the Bat-man. The story which has been re-printed today and is available on Comixology, along with a modern retelling by modern Batman scribes.

The tales follows the mysterious Bat-man trying to solve the mystery of who is killing a series of top chemistry bosses, whilst Commissioner Gordon hangs out with Bruce Wayne in between.

Check out some of the Batman related occurrences on Comixology as well and why not spend the day in the dark reading comics or enjoying Batman in one the many forms he’s appeared in the last couple of years?


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