Oh. My. Goodness.

Magdala Media announced the first two titles coming to Game Expo Scotland earlier this week, and they’re biggies.

Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution – an open world FPS set two years after the original Homefront, currently under development by Crytek UK. The player takes control of the young American Ethan Brady as he leads a revolutionary charge against an oppressive North Korean regime in the US. Expect guns, expect explosions.

Then there’s the follow-up to last years’ action survival horror bloodathon; Dead Island, the aptly titled, Dead Island 2. Once again you’ll find yourself pitted against hordes of undead using finely crafted weapons and relying on the skill and competency of your team mates. Interestingly, the developers that bought us Spec Ops: The Line are working on Dead Island 2, I can’t wait to see how the sequel will differ from the original Dead Island, though I’ve heard that they’re keeping quite close to the source material, and even adding a little more colour and light-heartedness to the series.

Seriously, Yager – creators of the dark, sinister, philosophically rich Spec Ops: The Line are making a light-hearted, ultra-violent zombie game? Wow, just wow.

Also, Crytek UK will be giving a developer-session talk about Homefront: The Revolution at GES, but the organisers are keeping hush-hush about that at the moment. Guess you’ll have to like them, follow them, or keep tabs on their blog for more updates, eh?


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