flappy bird ios

Even though Flappy Bird is supposed to be making a return to mobile sometime soon, that hasn’t stopped developers from still trying to clamber onto the clone wagon. We’re all pretty sick of the idea now, but there are still some hoping that their version of Flappy Bird with achieve the same success as Dong Nguyens. The latest clone comes in the form of Flopsy Droid, and puts the frustrating flappy app on your wrist. Oh joy.

The app, which practically looks like Flappy Bird but with a floptastic Android in place of the bird, lets you tap, tap, tap, tap away without the need to get your phone out of your pocket. Exciting, huh? Not really.

What Flopsy Droid does achieve, however, is the medal for being the first game made available on Android Wear, and likely the only game available on Android Wear as the devices that run Google’s wearable OS aren’t build for prolonged use and offer a relatively short battery life. If however you’re lucky enough to get your hands on either the LG G Watch or Samsing’s Gear Live and want to try this flappy monstrosity out for yourself, you can head to the Google Play Store and grab it from there.

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