The Last of Us

In a recent interview with MCV, Josh Walker, product manager at SCEE talked about the upcoming remastered version of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us. While some may believe it to be a cash grab or waste of time, Walker thinks it gives PlayStation 4 users that haven’t had a chance to play the PlayStation 3 version a chance to experience it.

“We’ve looked at PSN data and can see a huge proportion of PS4 players haven’t experienced The Last of Us yet,” he said. “This is quite indicative of the shift in the market and the many players who have migrated from competitive platforms that we’re glad to welcome to PlayStation.”

The Last Of Us won countless game of the year awards when it was originally released in 2013. A team at Naughty Dog have been working on the remastered version since the original version went to the presses. Naughty Dog have also announced they are working on another Uncharted game for the current gen, entitled Uncharted: Thief’s End.

The Last Of Us: Remasted will be available on the 1st of August and will include updated graphics and all previously released DLC. For me it wasn’t just game of the year but game of the generation, our review of the PlayStation 3 version can be found here.

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