iPhone 6 dummy

The iPhone 6, we know it’s going to arrive later this year, and thanks to various leaks we have some idea about what it’s going to look like. Boasting a more rounder appearance similar to the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 6 is set to come in two sizes, a smaller 4.7-inch device, and a much larger 5.5-inch device. Today’s leak shows off three dummy handsets of what appear to be the larger variant in three different colours akin to the iPhone 5S courtesy of Sonny Dickson.

The image, which shows off the three devices, are similar to previous leaks which show off a much rounder device similar to the iPad Air in Gold, Silver, and what could be Space Grey. The three devices also show off the repositioning of the power button from the top to the side as well as the inclusion of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The only think that makes us doubt the legitimacy of the devices is the lack of Apple logo and any other serial/FCC branding which usually comes on the rear of the device.

Sonny Dickson was pretty spot-on last year when he leaked images of the iPhone 5S and he has also been consistently leaking out similar images of the device including digital mock-ups. Though I’d recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt, I’d be surprised if Apple decided to pull the old switcheroo and unveiled a completely different handset.

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